Dye & Durham is helping local hospices so they can better serve patients and their families

One of Dye & Durham’s key strategic objectives is to give something of substance back to the community through our expertise in software development.

That’s why we’re proud to be helping St. Francis Hospice and Our Lady’s Hospice & Care Services in Dublin to upgrade their patient administration systems. Keyhouse, an Irish practice management company acquired by Dye & Durham in 2022, has worked closely with both hospices since 1996.

Both organisations provide palliative care for an area that encompasses more than 1.8 million people. Given our long association, we are well familiar with the hospices’ technology needs and how they’re evolving as the population ages.

Stephen Keogh, who joined Dye & Durham as CEO of Keyhouse, says helping the hospices is more than just an act of community service. It’s also a tangible way to show gratitude and appreciation for the vital services they provide to families during the most difficult periods of their lives.

Keogh has a personal connection to both organisations.

“I have experienced this unbelievable service with my family in the last few years with the passing of my father and my cousin,” he says. “They help create forever-lasting, wonderful memories.”

The relationship is also aligned with Dye & Durham’s core market — legal services professionals — since lawyers often have clients who need to manage their affairs when they’re entering hospice care. These clients also value the help we provide to the hospices.

Keyhouse developed the system used by St. Francis to manage patient records. But the current version was developed in 2008, and St. Francis needed an enhancement to meet a number of new needs that had emerged more recently.

To address these requirements, the front-end system is being redeveloped to take advantage of the latest technology, including allowing the system to be accessed via the cloud.

The upgrade will ensure the hospice team can keep full medical records of all its patients and access them remotely and will remain vital in enabling St. Francis and Our Lady’s to deliver their services.

“To be able to help people and their families during this painful time with compassion, empathy and professionalism is a great gift to our community and society,” says Keogh.

Modern society has an increased need for palliative care to be made available at home, and these upgrades will enable hospice staff to continue working within the community to meet this growing demand.

The initiative is also an illustration of how Dye & Durham uses its platform and expertise in technology to help organizations in need wherever we operate. The Dublin hospices trust us to deliver the appropriate software and built-in processes that allow them to develop a better quality of care for their growing patient base.

​​​​These close ties have deepened over the years, thanks to company fundraising events, including a 24-hour relay Cycle-a-Thon held two years ago. Thanks to clients, family and friends, the team raised more than €10,000 for the hospices, and the entire Irish team at Dye & Durham remains fully committed to continuing these fundraising efforts.

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