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In a long-term relationship. After 20 years, Bourke, Carrigg & Loftus and Keyhouse still work very well together.


Bourke, Carrigg & Loftus Solicitors in Ballina, Co. Mayo, is a long-standing firm providing a wide range of legal services and has been a Keyhouse client for more than two decades. In 2010 they replaced their OPSIS Case Management system with Keyhouse Case Management so that they could reap the benefits and efficiencies of having one integrated practice management system that included Keyhouse Accounts.

Back then, when we asked Peter Loftus (a partner in the firm) why they chose Keyhouse, he said it was the access to local support and expertise, along with the company’s commitment to future proofing the product. The firm’s recent migration to Keyhouse 365 – the next generation of Keyhouse Practice and Case Management delivered securely on the Microsoft Azure platform – shows that the firm is still very happy with the service they receive. Having migrated to the cloud via Keyhouse 365 over a year ago now, we thought it was time to catch up with Peter.

What were your reasons for investing in Keyhouse365?

“We were looking at replacing a server after it failed, which caused massive disruption and ultimately cost the firm because we were unable to work at full capacity. I didn’t want to be in that position again so began exploring the cloud as I knew of the benefits it could offer in terms of access when out and about and, importantly, (in terms of) business continuity thanks to the automated backups. Fortunately, Keyhouse had just launched their cloud solution at the time which was good timing for us.”

How did the cloud migration go?

“Smooth and seamless like a hot knife through butter!”

How did your team take to it?

“To be truthful, I don’t think they even noticed except for the different login procedure with your PIN. I think that’s one of the huge advantages in how Keyhouse approached its cloud solution – it’s the same intuitive user interface so no retraining was needed.”

What do you think is the biggest advantage of being in the cloud?

“It has to be the off-site access which I find extremely useful especially when at court. For me it means I can get work done between case hearings.”

Tell me about the new Keyhouse app you are using as a part of Keyhouse365?

“I find it extremely useful for dictating whilst out of the office as it integrates with a dictation app I use call Dictate + Connect. It’s great because the app allows me to assign my dictations to a file and it goes straight to my secretary’s task list in case management linked to the relevant file – so no time is wasted searching for the file or address details, et cetera.”

Do you feel Keyhouse is future-proofing your investment?

“From my long association with Keyhouse, I’ve always believed they are keeping in line with technical developments but also, they are in tune with the market and the profession. Anytime I’ve phoned over the years enquiring about something, invariably (I) will be told, yes that’s in the pipeline, like the cloud, for example, when I first enquired… and here I am in the cloud!”

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“From my long association with Keyhouse, I’ve always believed they are keeping in line with technical developments but also, they are in tune with the market and the profession.”
Peter Loftus
Peter Loftus
Partner, Bourke Carrigg & Loftus Solicitors


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